PROTON Green Mobility Challenge 2012

PGMC2012 is an initiative of PROTON, together with Agensi Inovasi Malaysia, to promote electric vehicles. Teams compete to build the best performing EV based on a standard 2nd generation Proton Saga.

Day 2: Fastest Time & V-Max

In the afternoon, two challenges were held together: Challenge 2: Fastest Time for 2 Laps and Challenge 3: V-Max

Day 2: Pit Walk

In between Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 & 3, the organisers provided some time for a pit walk session. Spectators are allowed to go into the pits to mix with team members and look closely at the electric cars.

Day 2: Quarter Mile Acceleration

The second day is the day of 'performance' challenges. It started with the scrutinising and safety inspection of the cars. Then, Challenge 1: Quarter Mile Acceleration starts.

Day 1: Pit Display

While most of the team work on the car, some members focused on sprucing up the pit. This is because there are also prizes on team identity and pit display.

Day 1: Registration & Practice

It's October 5th, and finally, we're in SIC. The first day started with the registration and scrutinising of all 10 cars by the PGMC 2012 TC. Only four team members were allowed to be present during the inspection.

Battery Management System

When using batteries as the power source, a battery management system (BMS) is very important. We use the Orion Li-Ion BMS.


As an electric vehicle, the batteries used in the car has to be charged from time to time. The 12 V lead-acid car battery also has to be charged while the car is running.

Thermal Imaging

In order to get an idea of where the hottest and coolest parts of the components might be, we made use of a thermal imager.

Saga Model Incompatibility

When PROTON initially gave us the car, it was a Saga BLM 1.3 model. However for this competition, PROTON then decides to standardise the cars, based on the Saga BLM 1.6 model.

Controller Programming

The motor controller given to us was preprogrammed. To win a race however, one has to evaluate the objective of the race and tune the controller accordingly.

Track Familiarization Day

On 17 September, teams were again invited to the Sepang International Circuit, where the challenge will be held, for driver circuit familiarization.

Thermal Management

Thermal management consists of the management of heat dissipation of the motor, motor controller and lithium-ion batteries with different methods.

Test Drive

The I.C.E. Terminator EV is moving!

Completing The Circuit

With the new electric engine in place, we reconnect all the wires and install the vacuum pump. Put the tyres back on and it's system go.


We have had some problem with adapting the transmission to fit the motor and the car. But finally, we got the parts together and mounted the new electric engine.

Battery Compartment

For the purpose of safety and thermal management, the batteries must be enclosed in some sort of compartment.

Component Assembly

The concept of ICEV to EV conversion is simple enough where the original engine is to be replaced with the electric motor provided by the organizer.

Third Progress Update

Following the previous visit, PROTON and the PGMC2012 Technical Committee visit the teams again for the third progress update. They visited us on 14 August.

In-Car Wiring

Now that the car and its electrical engine system are together in the EV Lab, the wiring of the two can be integrated together.

Monday, 23 April 2012

PGMC 2012 Soft Launch

On Wednesday 29th February 2012, the PGMC 2012 was officially launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak. The Soft Launch was held at the Main Garage Area, Prime Minister’s Office, Main Block, Putrajaya, from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

In this event, all ten teams that made it to the final competition are given mock cheques and keys. Each team is represented by their Vice Chancellor or Deputy Vice Chancellor as well as the team manager or leader. UKM is represented by Prof. Ir. Dr. Othman A Karim, the Students & Alumni Affairs Deputy Vice Chancellor. Besides team leader Dr. Wan Mohd Faizal, several ICE Terminator team members were also in attendance.
  1. Prof Marzuki
  2. Prof Aini
  3. Prof Shahrum
  4. Dr. Rozli
  5. Dr. Afida
  6. Dr. Rizauddin
  7. Yushaizad
  8. Hanief
  9. Anas
  10. Azhari
  11. Ahmad Fadhil
  12. Hoo Choon Lin
Prof. Othman & Dr. Wan Faizal with the PM
Team members posing with the mock cheque & key
Team members enjoying the refreshments

Friday, 20 April 2012

Proton Saga FLX

The car
The car, merah saga
Engine bay
The car was the first thing delivered to the teams. We wasted no time in taking out the engine and transmission.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Proposal Presentation

From the initial briefing and invitation, interested participants were given until 6 January 2012 to submit their proposals. 27 universities in Malaysia do so.

Following the submission,19 teams were shortlisted to present their proposals. This presentation session were held in Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), Cyberjaya a week later on 13 January. Our team’s presentation was delivered by our respected dean of UKM Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Marzuki Mustafa in front of PGMC2012 Technical Committees which consists of experts from various institutions. The presentation was also supported by our lecturers, Dr. Wan Mohd Faizal, Dr. Afida and Mr. Yushaizad.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Team

The team, called I.C.E. Terminator, is made of researchers, technicians and students from Fakulti Kejuruteraan & Alam Bina (FKAB) UKM. Within the faculty, this competition is spearheaded by Centre for Automotive Research (CAR).

The team members are as follows:
  1. Dr. Wan Mohd Faizal Mahmood (team manager)
  2. Dr. Afida Ayob (assistant team manager)
  3. Dr. Sallehuddin Mohamed Haris
  4. Dr. Rizauddin Ramli
  5. Yushaizad Yusof
  6. Mohd Anas Mohd Sabri
  7. Hanief Ahmad Azam
  8. Ahmad Asrul Ibrahim
  9. Mohd Hairi Mohd Zaman
  10. Azhari Shamsudeen
  11. Prof. Dr. Hjh. Azah Mohamed
  12. Prof. Ir. Dr. Hj. Mohd. Marzuki Mustafa
  13. Prof. Dr. Aini Hussain
  14. Prof. Dr. Shahrum Abdullah
  15. Hilmi Sanusi
  16. Dr. Ing. Mohd. Zamri Che Wanik
  17. Ahmad Fadhil Ismail
  18. Hoo Choon Lih
  19. Radin Za’im Radin Omar
  20. Zulkhairi Zainal Abidin
  21. Muhammad Najib  Senin
  22. Mohammad Nazmi Abd Razak
  23. Ahmad Nazri Mohd Ali
  24. Hamzah Nayan
  25. Abdul Saiyuti Arif Abdul Aziz
  26. Mohd Saifulnazri Hussin
(Please see this page for the final team list)

Monday, 9 April 2012

PROTON Green Mobility Challenge 2012

PROTON Green Mobility Challenge 2012 (PGMC2012) is an initiative of PROTON, together with Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), to promote electric vehicles. Towards that, a total of ten teams from the various universities were shortlisted to compete in this inaugural challenge. The teams will be competing to build the best performing electric vehicle based on a standard second generation Proton Saga.

For this "Cabaran Mobiliti Hijau PROTON 2012", teams are each given one car, a battery set, a motor and controller unit, a telemetric unit and RM20,000 seed fund to convert their machine. They have about nine months to complete a working model, which will then be tested at the Sepang International Circuit in four categories: furthest distance, quarter-mile acceleration, fastest time for two laps and maximum velocity (V-max).

One of the team is from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). The team, called I.C.E. Terminator, is made of researchers, technicians and students from Fakulti Kejuruteraan & Alam Bina (FKAB). It is headed by Dr. Wan Mohd Faizal Wan Mahmood.

PGMC & Sponsors' Logos

Saturday, 7 April 2012

I.C.E. Terminator

ICE Terminator poster
Internal Combustion Engine Terminator
Electric Vehicle – The End of ICE Age



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