Thursday, 27 September 2012

Controller programming

The motor controller given to us was preprogrammed. We can just wire it in and run it, and we did. To win a race however, one has to evaluate the objective of the race and tune the controller accordingly.

We have tried three ways of reprogramming the controller:

  1. WinVCL. This software is perhaps the most powerful option, and certainly provides a way to implement unique and complex vehicle control functions. This program however requires the controller-specific operating system file.
  2. PC Programming Station (1314). This software offers programming, diagnostic, and test capabilities for the controller. It is a simple yet effective way to set up the initial parameters or changing them.
  3. Handheld programmer (1311). This programmer has the advantage of being more portable, and can be used to made adjustments in the field. It is however the most restrictive in terms of features available.
PC Programming Station
Both WinVCL and 1314 need this 1309 interface
Handheld programmer

The handheld programmer though, is not allowed to be used on race days.


Cayalah bro, maklumat kelas pertama....

Terfikir2 juga, nak cerita lebih lanjut mengenai 1314 atau tidak...

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