Friday, 5 October 2012

Battery Management System

When using batteries as the power source, a battery management system (BMS) is very important. It functions to monitor the battery pack's state, calculating and reporting secondary data, protecting the battery, controlling its environment, and balancing it. We use the Orion Li-Ion BMS.

The BMS is another problem for us. It took more than a month to arrive, and when it did, we couldn't make it work. It was only later that we realised that the BMS was broken. We ordered a replacement, and just for back-up, we designed and built a basic BMS. As luck would have it, the second BMS arrived in KLIA on Day 1 while we were in Sepang. Pos Malaysia KLIA is only 5 minutes away, though it takes an hour and half to clear the Customs. Fortunately for us, the countless hours spent previously poring over manuals were not in vain, we were able to integrate the BMS almost immediately.

BMS integration

The software


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