Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Challenge Guidelines

What are the normal aspects that should be considered when we are going to purchase a car? The usual FAQs would include the maximum speed, fuel consumption, initial and maintenance cost and brand. Some people prefer to choose a car by its physical look. For this Proton Green Mobility Challenge, there are guidelines that needed to be followed by the participants, which includes:-
  1. Electric vehicles development and strategy
  2. Participating teams modify and develop the conventional Proton Saga provided by the organiser into an electric vehicle based on the requirements and specification of PGMC2012.
  3. Battery Management System (BMS)
  4. Participating teams optimally use the batteries provided by the organiser throughout the development stages and sanctioned events of PGMC2012. This requirement emphasizes the needs to prolong the life and performance the batteries even after repeated charge and discharge cycles. BMS design is to ensure the battery always in safe condition, event during catastrophe circumstances
  5. Electric Motor Control Technology
  6. Participating teams develop the control system strategy that efficiently uses electrical energy from the supplied battery for powering the electric vehicle throughout the events
  7. Thermal management
  8. Participating teams design and develop a dedicated cooling system to transfer heat away from the electric motor, controller and battery throughout the event


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