Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria that are being evaluated in PGMC2012 are:


Farthest Distance (300 points)
The farthest distance travel measured in laps and flag stations passed.

Quarter Mile Acceleration (150 points)
The fastest time in minutes and seconds to travel the Quarter Mile Distance.

Fastest Time for 2-Laps (200 points)
The shortest time in minutes and seconds to complete the full 2 laps of SIC.

V-Max (150 points)
The highest speed in km/h during the Fastest Time for 2-Laps event.


Technical Presentation (30 points)

  • Must cover the concept, functionality and Control System Strategy
  • Value adding features that will be useful and convenient for EV users and potential buyers
  • Technical features – conventional technical features that are smartly applied and refined to gain competitive advantages during the PGMC 2012 events
  • New technology features – novel technological features that are applied and refined to gain competitive advantages during the PGMC 2012 events
  • Algorithm strategy – application and refinement of algorithm strategy that enables competitive advantages during the PGMC 2012 events
  • Management – application of project management tool

Best Engineered EV (40 points)
  • Depth of engineering analysis
  • Specs, Features, Vehicle Build, Systems, Performance;
  • Workmanship Quality – neat wiring, ducting and wire harness, firm electrical connection, neat soldering;
  • Component Layout – well planned, neat and balanced distribution;
  • Equipment Functionality – application of measurement, diagnostic, monitoring system, cooling system;
  • Safety and Protection System – auto cut off, fire detection system, fire suppression system;
  • Labelling – warning labels for high voltage, high current, etc.

Innovation (20 points)
  • New technology
  • Improvement Features
  • Innovative
  • Uniqueness of ideas

Research & Development (20 points)
  • Build up stages,
  • New and Future Improvement in R&D and EV related programs


Pit Display (30 points)
  • Pit Display tidiness, portfolio presentation;
  • Project report or progress documentation;
  • Arrangement within the pit area

Team Identity (10 points)
  • Image and identity – uniform, banner, poster and other medium of presentation;
  • Creative representation of graphic, element and characteristic;
  • Banners, posters, garment and other medium of presentation;
  • Team work

Exterior & Interior (10 points)
  • Aesthetics
  • Theme – representation of images, identity and colour that communicate the team philosophy;
  • Exterior –clean, presentable graphic, colour, arrangement with safety consideration;
  • Interior – cleanliness, tidiness, equipment arrangement with safety consideration;
  • Creativity, Innovative and Uniqueness of ideas;
  • Tidiness


Sponsorship (10 points)
  • Sponsorship Value – tangible and intangible value obtained by the team through sponsorship
  • Media Usage – types of media and marketing approach used by the team
  • ROI to sponsors – tangible and intangible return on investment to sponsors

Marketing (10 points)
  • Promotional Activities
  • Audience Reach – estimated number of audiences, relevance and market penetration (local, regional or global)

Website (20 points)
  • Website design and appearance
  • Number of visitors/hits
  • Content – information, quality
  • Creativity


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